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Happy "All of the things"

Love, The Hendricks'


Meet Baxter!

Our sweet, loving, gentle, shoe-eating, 8-month old cuddle bug. 


Hello and Happy "All of The Things".

Just a quick note to wish you a Happy Holiday and to let you know that even though I haven't talked to some of you in over a year, I love you and miss you. I was originally putting this together as something to send to Grandparents, because after an internal 3-week long battle with myself, I decided not to send holiday cards this year. If you are receiving this, please know that I think of you often and truly hope that we can catch up in the new year. 

While helping raise these three little mischievous monkeys (pictured above), with my absolutely wonderful husband, I've come to realize the following:

1. We now have a better understanding of why people have children in their 20's

2. Someone is always talking, crying, laughing, singing, dancing, barking, whining, sick, hungry or hangry. (In no particular order of accourance)

3. I don't have as much patience with my kids as I did with others

4. I've never loved anything or anybody more than my babies

5. I struggle with being present, I struggle with slowing down

6. I see magic in ALL "well most" of the really difficult parenting moments

7. I see my stubbornness and need for control in both Oliver and Greta. 

8. Jason is an incredible Dad and husband. I am 100% grateful of my family

9. I am blessed behind comprehension, life can still be really f'n hard.

10. I love all of you, and am beyond grateful to know you.

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