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My Mission

As a neurodivergent female business owner, I understand the overwhelm, frustration, cognitive exhaustion, and self-doubt that often tags along on an entrepreneurial journey. I know how it feels when you have the idea, the passion, and the drive to start a new venture, but those next steps just aren’t in-line yet. You understand what needs to happen next, but something prevents you from moving forward with your business goals and objectives.

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs and help aspiring business owners and creatives overcome the obstacles keeping them from bringing their visions to life. I believe that with the proper guidance, anyone can create a thriving business doing what they love.

I seek to provide the neurodivergent community with resources that were not available to me in hopes of helping others cultivate the confidence to start their businesses. By doing this, I hope to encourage others to ask for help at the beginning of their journey instead of waiting until they feel overwhelmed and ridden with anxiety and doubt. 

Does this sound like you? If so, let's chat!

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