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Original artwork by Florian Klauer. 

Thank you for your interest

in my Collaborative Goods Art Project!

If this is the first you've heard of this, please click HERE for more information!  If you're already familiar with this project and would like to apply to become a featured artist, please click HERE!



My Mission

Are you an Artist?

In an effort to raise money for organizations supporting neurodiversity in the workplace and for my personal mission to support neurodiverse entrepreneurs, I am creating a collaborative line of notecards, postcards, notebooks etc.. featuring donated artwork from all over the world. My goal in doing this is to support and promote the featured artists while encouraging patrons to buy and promote the collaborative goods and in turn support these organizations.

As a graphic designer and neurodiverse individual, I appreciate and understand the importance of visual communication. With that, I’m on a mission to support and give back to artists, in hopes that my efforts will help bring awareness to their work and personal mission.

If you are an artist and have a piece that you would like to donate, I encourage you to apply. In an effort to inspire artists but also narrow down the infinite amount of possibilities to submit, I will occasionally request artwork that speaks to a variety of different themes. For example: If one of the submission themes is: “Curiosity”, I will request imagery assimilating Curiosity. Please note that If you have an idea for a theme, you can include your suggestion in the allotted space when filling out the application. If your image is selected, I will be printing your image on a notecard for example, that would then be included in a collection of notecards featuring artists that are ideally from all over the world. Please note that the number of applications accepted will vary depending on the scope of the project. Click HERE to apply.

How Can I Donate?

I am asking artists to donate one high-quality image that can be used to create printed notecards, postcards, notebooks etc.. By donating an image, you will be giving me (A.Hendricks LLC) the rights to print and sell the image, as part of the Collaborative Goods Art Project. I promise to never use the image as if it were my own and will always give credit to the artist.


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations who support neurodiversity in the workplace. At this time, the remainder of the proceeds will be used to help fund my personal business, A.Hendricks LLC in providing necessary resources needed to start-up.

My Story

Hi! I'm Alicia Hendricks. As a 42-year-old wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, I learned recently that I'm also an unconventional thinker who is dyslexic and has ADD, attention defecit disorder.

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